Commute Report Y2019 W16

A good but windy week

Another week, another sessions of commute.

For this week i decided to change the return track (i was bored to do the same trip). So i choose the A-4 and the A-2 tracks (yes, i know that i still have to present you all the tracks, don't worry, but i want to retest them all, so i can show you all the details).

I was pretty satisfied about the performance this week, i felt very good. Thursday there was a lot of wind against, i was slowed down but i wasn't dead when i finished.

A-1 A-1
38m14s 38m07s
A-4 A-2
45m43s 49m02s

And, while i was browsing the map, i may have found another set of variants that i may introduce in this season. Let's see! :-)

Next week we have a lot of holidays, and also forecasts aren't that good. So probably i won't commute. Let's see. See ya!