Localized Taxation

Or why states should only use their own tax dollars.

My politics are a little wonky to some people:

  1. I'm against most leftist positions because I don't think they go far enough to the left. Ex. Free Software, Universal Basic Income, Free College

  2. Of the Rightist positions I agree with, I feel like they don't go far enough, or don't really go into the granular specifics. Or miss the point entirely:

I'm against taxation not because I think state projects shouldn't be funded: I think the state should be small enough to begin with, where you don't need crazy high taxes to pay for it because all taxes that exist are localized.

As the saying goes: If I'm Tennessee, I shouldn't have to pay for the healthcare of someone in Oregon. I also should not have to pay for someone to be Executed in Texas.

In Texas, do Texan things. In Oregon, do Oregonian things.

In other words: What I'm against is overextending resources. I still think "Petite Nations" should tax their own jurisdictions.

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