Decapitation Scenarios And Decentralization

We need to find a way to explain our analogies in a non political fashion, so we can most efficiently bring people from different walks of life to our side. I find I often have to walk away from conversations, because they have an inherent political partisanship that makes it hard to explain the practical benefits of decentralized architecture.

One argument I use as an example, is Localized Taxation: though the conversation about taxes has been largely corrupted by the authoritarian and anarchy-capitalists. But the point can be summarized as follows: if in Texas, pay for Texas things; if in Oregon, pay for Oregonian things. Financial independence is key.

There are other political analogies that I could use, but political positions can often alienate people, and allow people to miss the point, but making them look like bad people for holding opposing views. I prefer computer analogies for this reason:

Imagine if every state were a financially independent nation, lets call these nodes: in each node each one executes a variety of a similar functions in order to create redundancy. The problem with this analogy, is it doesn’t factor in “decapitation” scenarios in times of emergency, so as if a nation state would occupied.

I feel that some “decapitation scenario” revolving around some automatic refugee plan is necessary for a modern society, because the reality is during a period of climate change, many parts of the world will become increasingly uninhabitable: we need a plan to both protect the rights of people who need emergency provisions, while also ensuring that multiple ecosystems are not made barren by human negligence, and thus — in practice — centralizing the refugees into a single country.

Because areas that have the largest populations have historically leveraged more power over areas that have less people.

This is an important part I think conservatives miss, when they deny things like climate change. But we cannot repair climate change through a centralized all powerful government. It’s better to make sure there is a much redundancy as possible.