Story Telling is not Dead

There rare moments when destiny or fate (or whatever divine euphemism you give it) intervenes and gives you some small insight into a true artist. I got that when I encountered one Mark Healey (AKA Hibernal), who I had never heard of, despite Healey being a fellow countryman.

Hibernal combine a post-rock aesthetic to a definite tendency to tell a story. At one point in the album Replacements, I actually jumped with shock, I was that engrossed in the story.

Excellent musicianship combined with a true instinct for a good story born of a published author in his own right, Mark Healy brings a unique flavour to the post rock genre and new angle to science fiction in general. Hibernal's albums are worth just switching off to and immersing oneself in the atmosphere of the moment.

I would definitely recommend Hibernal and any work that is put out under this name. I bought one album from Bandcamp but instantly went back for more. If you are into story telling that has relevance and deeper meaning, as well as talented musical skills, then Hibernal is your thing. Get over there and buy up!