CR is not all beer

I am loathe to admit it, but I am not an old purveyor of cyberpunk. However, in a time when I was discovering Belgians who sang US rockabilly (The Baboons) and Germans who really belted out Celtic (Irish) punk, Czech artists getting into cyberpunk was not really a big shock. Rather than review just one album, I thought it more efficient to get into the band themselves.

That band is Roborg (one person or a group, I have no idea) and all I know about them is that they are based in the Czech Republic and my Czech friends have no idea who they are. Yeah, I was a bit shocked, but I have learnt that this often happens with musicians, much like prophets of God. They are just not appreciated on their home turf. However, let me be clear, I truly appreciate and love Roborg and the music that comes out under their name.

Roborg is firmly in the cyberpunk genre with the albums that initiated me to their genius and artistic brilliance: We Are Destroyers and Prisoners of War. These two albums were a formative  influence on my mid-life awakening to cyberpunk, a genre that I had missed back in the 1980's. Roborg simply blend modern tech with awesome music.

Roborg embody an cyberpunk aesthetic to the core. I love this band and I love the music for its consistent dedication to cyberpunk as a musical genre. Roborg has set the standard and shown that the Czech Republic is more than just beer.