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FooBillardPlus 3.43

Trisquel's Treacherous Trove of Trash and Treasure

VoidLinux: Updating customized and manually built packages locked to own repository

troubleshooting issues related to package update while it is locked to `master` repository

Tools - 3 -: Leerseiten entfernen

Weg mit unnötigem Ballast

Got GRUB to do what I need

setting up GRUB's timeout to 0 (zero)

Schritt 1: Der richtige Scanner fürs papierlose Büro

La gestion de mes sauvegardes

By xatazAugust 25, 2020XataZ

Kodi: Programa para ver contenido propio y en streaming a través de Add-ons

Probando instalación completa con addons y uso en linux - Si sabes algo dame una manita :)

Descargar RedShiftGUI para oscurecer pantalla de PC

para linux

Il market share di Ubuntu, Firefox 78 ESR, software proprietario a scadenza [Condensati di Rete - 19 - 02.07.2020]

Se Ubuntu diventa appettibile, Firefox si aggiorna a raffica ed il software scade

Multipass sans ubuntu

Utiliser des images autres que ubuntu avec multipass

By xatazJune 22, 2020XataZ

How to install GalliumOS on a chromebook using Chrx

This is a repost of a guide I made on a different blogging platform when I only owned an ex-chromebook. It talks about how to install unlocked BIOS and install GalliumOS (a linux distro using xfce to make a chromeOS - like linux experience.))

By CMMMay 24, 2020CMM

Getting screenshotting to work in Dwm: an interesting experience

A few days ago I decided to finally fix screenshotting in dwm. After about an hour I finally got it working, sort of. #100DaysToOffload

By CMMMay 17, 2020CMM