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Mastodon 2.7

notas do lanzamento e novidades Mastodon 2.7

By XoseMFebruary 19, 2019Contribuíndo ao fediverso


CW: Comportements toxiques, violence

By Mx MaximeFebruary 19, 2019Blog

Read: The Jewels of Aptor by Samuel R. Delany

This is a thinky book and I was not a thinky cat

By catteonbookFebruary 17, 2019Cat on Book

Framasoft in italiano: facciamo il punto della situazione

I servizi liberi di Framasoft che parlano italiano

By nilocramFebruary 16, 2019Strafanici

A Narrative Essay On The Near Past

By LWFlouisaFebruary 16, 201921st Century Charlotte

Logbook, week 10 (2019-07)

By funkwhale / blogFebruary 15, 2019Announcements

Riot 1.0

ao fin Riot alcanza a versión 1.0 cunha renovación completa

By XoseMFebruary 15, 2019Contribuíndo ao fediverso

Making the Chrysalis

A solitary infancy

By piponsleighFebruary 15, 2019Platonic Nesting Polycule

Static ActivityPub. Damned WebFinger

By natarajFebruary 14, 2019Exploring ActivityPub

Addressing the Elephant in the Room

Contrapoints and the nihilistic anti-fascists who think they are leftists

By piponsleighFebruary 14, 2019Overstimulated Exports

Mr Jameson, Sir, You're Canceled

Why I didn't like Fredric Jameson's defense of utopias

By creeping marxisteFebruary 13, 2019logged on

Why We Need Essays

By LWFlouisaFebruary 13, 2019General Blogging