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[Alors on regarde ?] Chernobyl

Read: Animorphs 6 & 7

This is terrible and I love it

Yunohost o l'auto-hosting a portata di mano ...

Tutto quello che c'è da sapere per fare l'auto-hosting con Yunohost, una distribuzione GNU/Linux

A Viñeta de Schrödinger

revista de banda deseñada

I'm no expert, but

What if the COSCO Guangzhou was nuclear?

Blog post, week 25

Teambuilding exercises

nothing brings a team together like the hatred for teambuilding exercises

Alligator's Snack

Algo nuevo por ahí?

I hate to be a pain, but...

A random rant about tech job interviews

or rather the complaints people have about job interviews

Hello thar...

Eating blueberry yoghurt and wondering what to do...