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Should you migrate from Linux to BSD? It depends.

An response to "Why you should migrate everything from Linux to BSD"

Learn the signs to know about how do I check for a virus on computer?

Horrible mistake of watching Question Time

On Thursday I made the horrible mistake of watching a bit of BBC Question Time

To Hope

Poem by John Keats

The First Two Days of Class

Man of steel

Spoiler man of steel

Leurs yeux sont parmi nous

Une nouvelle de Philip K. Dick

یه شات یه فریم

نویسنده: علی‌رضا تقی‌زاده

به بهانهٔ حق نشر -- صنعت نشر دیجیتال

Particion Swap - (no archivo swap)

I Don't Wanna

Wirbel im Fediverse

Machtmissbrauch, Gewaltandrohungen und was sonst noch für normal genommen wird